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Step 4 Teach Healthy Habits

We will teach & encourage healthy habits away from school.

Start by teaching healthy habits during school days:

  1. Incorporate healthy eating and physical activity topics into instruction in classes other than health or PE through curriculum such as Purdue Extension’s Serving Up My Plate: A Yummy Curriculum.
  2. Encourage nutrition services staff and teachers to collaborate on nutrition education in both the classroom and cafeteria.
  3. Model healthy choices with walk to school programs and by offering physical activity programs like Spark™ or BOKS before and after school.

Engage parents and caregivers

Engaging parents and caregivers is vital to reinforcing your students’ healthy behaviors away from school. Just as you keep them informed of their students’ progress in other academic areas, keep your families apprised of the healthy activities you’re modeling at school.

  1. Take the articles and snippets from 5-2-1-0 that we’ll send you each month and  incorporate them in communications to your students’ families.
  2. Ensure that parents are active members of your school wellness council or advisory team to help you plan and promote your students’ health.