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Step 2: Eat & Drink Healthy

We will serve healthy meals, beverages and snacks.

You can fuel your students’ achievements by serving healthy, attractive meals that students enjoy and want to eat. You can implement healthy snack guidelines to keep students on the right path all day long. And you can revamp your fundraisers, vending machines, and concession stands with options that are both healthy and profitable.

Meals and drinks

  1. Offer a school meals program that meets federal meal program standards.
  2. Ensure that both breakfast and lunch are readily available to all students.
  3. Promote healthy food and beverage choices using 10 or more Smarter Lunchroom™ techniques.

Smart Snacks

  1. Apply the Smart Snacks in School guidelines for all foods or snacks served at any time at school, including birthday parties in the classroom, celebrations or other special events.
  2. Create a fun menu of healthy celebrations.

Fundraisers, Vending and Concessions

  1. Apply the Smart Snacks standards to all food sold at school at any time.
  2. Create healthy and profitable vending machines and concession stands.
  3. Make all fundraisers healthy fundraisers.