Increasing public awareness for healthy living

Of course, children and families are also members of a larger community whose values, norms, and policies shape the broader environment in which these families live. For that reason, Jump IN is working to influence that environment through a series of efforts that encourage educational conversations on healthy habits and the adoption of targeted public policies that promote healthy living.

Public Awareness: 5-2-1-0

5-2-1-0 is a nationally-recognized education campaign that provides an easy answer to the question: What is a healthy choice? Learn more

5-2-1-0 healthy choice education campaign

Clinician Engagement

Families often seek advice and guidance from trusted health care providers to help them make the best decisions about nutrition and physical activity for their children. We support these clinicians with continuing education workshops, evidence-based, expert-authored resource kits, and connections to community resources and programs that can be shared with patients. Learn more.

Public Policy

While we know that top-down mandates are often ineffective in changing behavior, we also understand that targeted public policy initiatives can positively shape the environment and promote healthy behaviors. Learn more.

Increase Physical Activity at Work. Download the guide.

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