Inspiring healthy change where families live

According to the Centers for Disease Control and other experts, a person’s zip code is more likely to determine their health status than their genetic code. That is, where a person lives has a stronger impact on his or her health than genetics or health care.

Some neighborhoods are at higher risk for childhood obesity based on the correlation of the “social determinants of health” such as poverty and educational attainment and obesity. In these neighborhoods, limited retail options create “food deserts” where families do not have convenient access to affordable, fresh or healthy foods. Limited public transportation and lack of sidewalks or safe walking routes can compound food access challenges. The absence or inaccessibility of adequate playgrounds, youth-serving organizations and facilities may limit the availability of safe places for physical activity.

Community Demonstration Projects

Jump IN has created Community Demonstration Projects (CDPs) to engage civic and government leadership in higher risk areas to address systemic issues such as lack of access to affordable, healthy foods and infrastructure or policies relating to physical activity and the built environment. The initial Community Demonstration Project is focused in Lawrence Township and the far eastside of Marion County. Learn more about the Lawrence Healthy Kids Initiative.

The Role of Health in Other Community Initiatives

Because of the interconnected nature of social issues affecting our neighborhoods, Jump IN participates in several community initiatives that align with the promotion of healthy habits. These efforts include the Indy Food Council; Great Places 2020; the City of Indianapolis’ Plan 2020; and Reconnecting to Our Waterways.