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Kids first on Fox: Tips on how to build healthy lifestyles

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, Jump IN CEO Ron Gifford and Social Health Association of Indiana's Janet Kamiri talk to Fox 59 about sugary beverages, eating well and getting active. Watch the video and get more information. 

Grass roots grocery distribution is a first step in fixing Indy's food deserts

One neighborhood on the northwest side of downtown Indianapolis is taking an innovative approach to solving its food access problems. Jump IN CEO Ron Gifford explains more about "food deserts" and how economics contribute to food access challenges. Read the story.

United States of Healthy

Duck, Indiana Dunes State Park, and Jump IN for Healthy Kids are celebrated as three "shining stars" of health in Indiana in this feature from Cooking Light, a national publication with more than 1.6 million print subscribers, 6.7 million unique website visitors and 40 million website views. Read the story in Cooking Light. 

Cooking Light United States of Healthy

Rep. Rokita defends school lunch proposal, questions 'universal government feeding'

Jump IN for Healthy Kids is one of 750 organizations nationwide that signed a letter critical of the proposed legislation to end subsidized meals in schools. CEO Ron Gifford has stated publicly that Rokita's proposal threatens more harm than good, taking two healthy meals per day away from children most at risk for health complications and poor academic performance associated with poor nutrition, ultimately costing tax payers more in the long run. Read the story on Fox 59.

Marion County children struggle to find healthy food in the summer due to poverty

Jump IN CEO Ron Gifford explains that access to healthy food and safe places for physical activity are challenges facing families beyond the Indianapolis urban core. Read the story on Fox 59.

Indy, area counties make progress on health

In this op-ed article, Dr. Viriginia Caine, director of the Marion County Public Health Department, explains why a recent fitness index doesn't tell the whole story of what's happening in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Read the story on IndyStar. 

Indiana's 'food swamps' contributing to childhood obesity

Jump IN CEO Ron Gifford explains the correlation between food access, poverty and obesity. Other organizations' efforts to bring fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy dairy and meats to central Indiana children are also highlighted. Read the story on WFYI.