Managing Childhood and Adolescent Obesity in Primary Care Settings


MDwise is a non-profit health insurance company, offering health coverage programs to over 400,000 Indiana residents. We work with the State of Indiana to offer Medicaid programs including Hoosier Healthwise, Healthy Indiana Plan, and Hoosier Care Connect. We also offer affordable Marketplace health plans.

Shalonda “Nicki” Gilbert
Outreach Supervisor
(317) 822-7282

YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

The YMCA is commited to helping prevent chronic disease by giving individuals of all ages tools for healthy living. The Y recognizes that no one organization can do this alone, and works proactively to establish strong partnerships and clinic-to-community referral pathways, in order to deliver effective, evidence-based health programming.

Chelsy Winters
Sr. Dir., Community Health
(317) 713-8519

Forever-Fit Summer Camp/American Foundation for Preventive Medicine

American Foundation for Preventive Medicine (AFPM) engages, educates, empowers, and inspires youth and families to adopt regular exercise and good nutrition for a lifetime of health. AFPM is a sister organization of the Children's Better Health Institute (CBHI), a division of the nonprofit Saturday Evening Post Society (SEPS) that launched Forever­Fit Summer Camp (FFSC) in 2011. The program takes place at our nonprofit Fitness Farm in Indianapolis.

Patrick Perry
President, AFPM
(317) 634-1100

Marion County Health Department

Marion County Health Department is pleased to share resources and community linkage information related to healthy food and nutrition in Marion County and central Indiana. The Cardiovascular Program at Marion County Health Department also offers to Marion County businesses and organizations the Heart Alive CV screening and education program, as well as a variety of nutrition consulting services to enable increasing healthier foods in restaurants, worksites, community sites, and other institutions.

Michelle Shippy RD
CV Program Manager
(317) 221-2097

Energy Krazed

We are a non-profit organization that is passionate about empowering youth to take charge of their health. Energy Krazed offers a personalized coaching program that enables healthy lifestyle changes in a home environment. We work in collaboration with students, parents, healthcare professionals, educators, and the community.  Individuals are paired with an Energy Krazed health coach. An initial meeting is set with the family to review the level of support needed for a successful health transformation. The coach works face-to-face with the family and communicates daily for additional support. Sessions are designed to be fun and interactive with a focus on goal setting, positive thinking, nutrition, and physical activity.

Alyssa Kennedy
Program Director of Operations
(317) 979-1570

Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition, Indiana Perinatal Network, Indiana Milk Bank, Child Care Answers

These organizations collectively provide a wide array of resources that support families and providers by optimizing early nutrition for young children with human milk and breastfeeding.

Lauren George
Infant/Toddler Specialist
Early Learning Indiana

Kurbo Health

The Kurbo program, licensed from Stanford University, utilizes personal health coaching and an intelligent mobile app to help children, teens and their families learn healthy habits and manage their weight. The Kurbo curriculum uses the proven Traffic Light system to categorize foods into reds, yellows and greens. Rather than concentrate on calorie counting, which is neither safe nor effective for kids, Kurbo focuses on understanding healthy food and exercise choices and setting challenging but achievable goals.

Thea Runyan
(800) 444-7158

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