Welcome to Healthy Indy Kids, your connection to getting and staying healthy!  By taking four simple steps every day (or at least MOST days), you can chose healthier habits that can pay off your whole life long.  You’re probably already doing some of them!

5210 everyday

5:  Eat five servings of fruit and vegetables. 

Fill up your plate with fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables – they’re all good for you. Read more about how to get those five servings.  

2: Be on your screen two hours or less for recreational use. 

That means your phone, tablet, and TV.  Screen time can interfere with getting enough physical activity and can lead to mindless snacking. Learn how to manage your screen time. 

1: Get at least an hour of physical activity. 

Physical activity can mean a lot of things – walking, playing sports, running, climbing at the playground, biking with your friends, or dancing around the house with your family.  Learn how to be sure you get at least an hour.

0:  Drink zero sugar-sweetened beverages. 

Stick with water or milk for hydration and stay away from soda pop, sports drinks (they are surprisingly high in sugar!), sugary coffee drinks, and even fruit juice. Learn about avoiding sugary beverages.

How many of these healthy habits are you already doing? Can you add one more this week? What about setting a goal of reaching all four? 

One way to help yourself make the commitment is by taking this Pledge.  Research shows that people who make a commitment on paper are more likely to stick with it. We won’t monitor you – that’s on you.  But by taking the Pledge you’ll be signed up to be invited to 5-2-1-0 events around Indianapolis and have the chance to win prizes and 5-2-1-0 swag. 

Join us today to take the Pledge!

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