You can print and share these resources—or any portion of their contents—with children and families that you serve. This is not a comprehensive listing of resources, but rather a sampling of documents specific to these four healthy living goals.

5 or more fruits and vegetables

50 Ways for Adding Fruits and Vegetables to Menus
A Meal Is a Family Affair
Go Foods, Slow Foods, Whoa Foods
Healthy Brown Bag Lunches
Healthy Fast Foods
Healthy Food From Convenience Stores
Healthy Kids' Snacks
Healthy Shopping on a Budget
Healthy Tips for Picky Eaters
How to Add Fiber to Your Meals
Pick a Better Fast Food Option
Tasty Snacks for Healthy Kids
This vs. That for Snacks 
Tips for Transitioning Kids to Healthier Foods

2 hours or less screen time

Promote Healthy Viewing Habits
Screen Time and the Very Young
Step Away from the Screen
See also the handouts under "1 hour or more of physical activity." Replacing screen time with physical activity is a great way to meet both goals.

1 hour or more physical activity

Make Physical Play Part of Every Day
Move an Hour Every Day
Take It Outside
Healthy Physical Activity for Children


0 sugary beverages

Enlightening Facts About Juice
How Much Sugar Do You Drink?
Put Limits on Juice
Sports and Energy Drinks
Water Is Fuel for Your Body

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