Adapt The Policies to create healthy places

  • Serve healthy meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Promote active play
  • Teach healthy behaviors
  • Be good role model

Helping groups take healthy steps.

The Jump IN Pledge for Healthy Kids targets six settings where children and their families spend significant time. The Pledge promotes the adoption of four policies concerning nutrition and physical activity in each setting.

The Pledge section of our website gives each Pledge signer step-by-step instructions and detailed, easy-to-understand resources that are tailored for each specific entity (schools, child care, employers, and so on). We provide a Starter Kit and Assessment Tool that helps each Pledge signer create an Action Plan to implement the four policies.

A robust Resource Hub is continually updated with relevant tools and resources, and regular communication from Jump IN helps Pledge signers achieve their goals.

Make the Leap Pledgers

All members of Jump IN’s Leadership Council took the Pledge for Healthy Kids at our kick-off event in fall 2015.

Jump IN Pledgers

Our community’s youth organizations participated in the kick-off event, publicly declaring their shared commitment to Jump IN’s efforts to reduce childhood obesity.