Jump IN works with the Indiana Department of Health to ensure Indiana ECE providers have access to the nutrition and physical activity evidence-based practice assessment tool, Go NAPSACC. Indiana is one of 22 states with a Go NAPSACC license, allowing all providers the opportunity to increase their healthy best practice for free.  

To register your child care program, email Marsha Hearn-Lindsey Get started today! 

Developed by the University of North Carolina, Go NAPSACC works with child care providers to improve the health of young children through practices, policies, and environments that instill habits supporting lifelong health and well-being. Go NAPSACC offers seven modules on key topics, including child nutrition, farm to ECE, infant & child physical activity, outdoor play & learning, and more.

As of April 2023, 9,948 child care programs serving over 490,000 children have used Go NAPSACC.

Go NAPSACC is designed with the child care provider in mind. The flexible program allows providers to focus on any of the seven modules mentioned above. The 5 steps of Go NAPSACC help child care providers prioritize, plan, and take action to make healthy changes. 


Are you a child care provider looking to improve your own program? Follow Go NAPSACC's 5 steps toward healthy changes:
  1. Assess current practices and determine areas for improvement by completing self-assessments.
  2. Plan for real change that will be a roadmap to success for your program.
  3. Take action to reach your goals and utilize Go NAPSACC's tips and tricks for extra support.
  4. Learn more and expand your knowledge to improve practices in your program.
  5. Keep it up for continuous improvement that will greatly benefit children and their health.