While Jump IN's policy focus tends to be on "small p" policy changes within the three sectors we focus on, Jump IN has also helped lead important "big P" policy efforts, including the City of Indianapolis establishing the Division of Community Nutrition and Food Policy.  Go here to read more
As part of the Top 10 Coalition, Jump IN helped lead a second broad-scale awareness campaign in summer 2022?to reduce sugary drink consumption, including a large media partnership with Radio One. The campaign has shifted to advocacy for the city to adopt a policy on healthy drinks as the default drink with children’s meals in restaurants. 
Jump IN also worked closely with stakeholders to draft the Child and Adolescent Health recommendations considered by the Governor’s Commission on Public HealthJump IN advocacy and expertise strengthened the final recommendations by ensuring that recommendations addressed both the early care and education and school-age education environmentsIn addition, Jump IN co-authored language for Recommendations 27-29, thus embedding critical systems-change priorities in the final Report and recommendations.
Currently, Jump IN is exploring options for potential policy opportunties in the early child care and education (ECE) space. Indiana does not have robust nutrition and physcial activity standards as part of licensing or QRIS (Quality Rating Improvement System - in Indiana, that is called Paths to QUALITY).  You can read on our ECE page about all of the "small p" policy work we have done to embed healthy best practices into the support systems for child care providers in Indiana.  Stay tuned to see how we move forward from here.