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Step 2: Eat & Drink Healthy

We will provide healthy food and beverage options for our employees at the worksite and at company events and meetings.

Staff meetings, all-company events, conferences, and business entertaining can be enjoyable, welcoming, and healthy, too. By providing healthier foods and beverages at business meetings and events, employers make it easy for employees to choose healthy foods more often.

Our guide can help:

4 Strategies to Increase Healthy Eating in the Workplace

4 Strategies to Increase Healthy Eating in the Workplace

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But what is "healthy"?

0 sugary drinks, more water5 or more fruits and vegetables

5-2-1-0 is a simple, easy-to-remember message that can guide your efforts to promote healthy living. It is based on expert recommendations for daily health goals. The "5" and the "0" pertain to healthy food and beverages: eat 5 or more fruits and vegetables and consume 0 sugary beverages, more water per day.

As you work on the "Eat and drink healthy" portion of your Pledge, consider what you are doing at the worksite to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce consumption of sugary beverages. 

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