Building standards-based reporting.

We are working with three of the largest health care systems in Indianapolis, along with Indiana Biosciences Research Institute and researchers at the Regenstrief Institute, to facilitate the extraction of body mass index (BMI) and other data out of the commercial electronic health record (EHR) systems implemented in pediatric as well as family medicine clinics affiliated with the systems. We will build standards-based components for reporting BMI and other data from the EHR systems to IHIE, which will link and combine clinical data for the pediatric population living in the target communities.

In addition to creating better data for population surveillance purposes, we also hope to enable the use of coordinated decision support processes and infrastructure across health systems, public health agencies, and other sector partners. The dashboard for these data will facilitate systematic collection, analysis and exchange of information on obesity rates in the community enabling evaluation as well as decision-making on future interventions associated with the initiative.

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