The Jump IN for Healthy Kids School Program: Jump Right UP


It’s true:   Rising levels of childhood obesity and the prevalence for overweight in children is a growing crisis that must be addressed. Jump IN for Healthy Kids is dedicated to improving children’s health and wellness in central Indiana. Childhood overweight and obesity is a growing problem and has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. If strong measures are not taken to reduce it, central Indiana is on track to have a 53% childhood overweight and obesity rate by 2025. Jump IN for Healthy Kids is doing something about it. Jump IN’s work is grounded in this fact: changing the environment is the best way to change behaviors. Research shows that if healthy nutrition and physical activity policies can be implemented in the places where children and families spend most of their time, their health will likely improve.

Schools are a key part of Jump IN’s work. Children spend a great deal of their time in school, and the nutrition and physical activity they access in their school buildings can greatly influence their health. Also, new federal guidelines require school districts to develop school wellness policies and report on their implementation. Schools often feel that they lack the knowledge, expertise and/or human resources needed to effectively enact these policies. Jump IN’s research indicates that schools that receive some level of technical assistance appear to have more success in implementing their wellness policies than those schools who lack that assistance. Thanks to the Indianapolis Colts, Jump IN has a dedicated specialist who works directly with schools to customize plans that are right for each school. Jump IN has expertise, tools, and resources that can help schools, staff, students, and maybe even test scores.  

With the support of the Colts, Jump IN has created Jump Right UP, a new partnership to improve the health of kids in four Indianapolis school districts: Indianapolis Public Schools, Lawrence, Pike, and Warren townships. Goals of the partnership include: establishing best practices around physical activity and nutrition, such as 30 minutes of physical activity every day; implementing a healthy celebration and vending policy; and engaging with the school community to establish a culture of health and wellness. 

Jump Right UP is now in its second year, assisting 43 schools in implementing wellness policies and programs, impacting over 28,000 students and helping schools to meet their health and wellness goals.  Schools that reach their wellness goals will compete for rewards that include visits from Blue or Colts Cheerleaders.


Jump Right UP Schools Include:





Daniel Webster Elementary 46

Amy Beverland Elementary

Central Elementary Brookview Elementary 


Fredrick Douglass (Super School) Elementary 19

Brook Park Elementary College Park Elementary Eastridge Elementary


George Buck Elementary 94

Crestview Elementary Eagle Creek Elementary Grassy Creek Elementary


George W. Carver Elementary 87

Forest Glen Elementary Eastbrook Elementary Hawthorne Elementary


James A. Garfield Elementary 31

Harrison Hill Elementary Fishback Creek Elementary Liberty Park Elementary


James Whitcomb Riley Elementary 43

Indian Creek Elementary New Augusta South Elementary Lowell Elementary


Lew Wallace Elementary 107

Mary Castle Elementary Snacks Crossing Elementary Lakeside Elementary


Meredith Nicholson Elementary 96

Oaklandon Elementary Guion Creek Middle School Pleasant Run Elementary


Raymond F. Brandes Elementary 65

Skiles Test Elementary Lincoln Middle School Suuny Heights Elementary


William Penn Elementary 49

Sunnyside Elementary New Augusta North Middle School  

Winding Ridge Elementary


Pike High School  

Belzer Middle School



Fall Creek Valley Middle School




Access the End of School Year 2018-19 Progress Report

Jump IN has many resources for you to get started on your school wellness work.  To begin, download our free Healthy Students Guide:  


We also have a Parent Wellness Toolkit and a Sample Wellness Policy for free download to get your school wellness work up and running. For even more ideas and resources, check out our Symbaloo
For further information or to find additional support for your school please reach out to:
Haley Loechel
Community Project Specialist
Follow along on Instagram for Jump Right UP school’s progress! @jumpinforhealthykids #JumpRightUP