Helping health providers support their patients

Families often seek advice and guidance from trusted health care providers to help them make the best decisions about nutrition and physical activity for their children. Pediatricians, family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, and others who care for children help families and children by asking about healthy eating and physical activity at every office visit. But starting these conversations can be tough, and time is short at the doctor’s office. Jump IN is working to support health care providers with:

Continuing Education. Central Indiana clinicians can hone new communication techniques for guiding families through weight management conversations. Workshops also highlight the latest clinical guidance for preventing and managing overweight and obesity in children. Visit the CME workshop archive.

Companion toolkit for clinician offices. Featuring evidence-based, expert-authored materials in digital and print formats, this toolkit will provide clinicians with quick access to the best clinical information for preventing and reducing childhood overweight, along with family and patient education materials. While the complete toolkit is in development, check out these family-friendly handouts.

Updated resources. Communities often have many services, events, and resources that can help families build better eating and physical activity habits. Nutrition education classes, exercise and physical activity opportunities, cooking classes, shopping education, and many more are often available, but seldom compiled in one, easy-to-use resource. Because clinicians struggle to find up-to-date, detailed information about these resources for children and families who would benefit, Jump IN is investigating digital, mobile, and other tools to collect and maintain this valuable information in family- and clinician-friendly formats. While this resource is in development, meet the community organizations who hosted exhibits at our CME workshop

Are you a primary care physician seeking resources to share with patients and their families? Get printable resources to share.